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PostSubject: Achievements   Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:08 am


I'm Backwards: Fight in combat with your starblade held backhanded.
Two Heads are Better: Dual wield two starblades in combat.
Over Staffed: Wield a double bladeded starblade in combat.
Crossing Over: Wield a cross piece starblade in combat.
Protecting the Innocent: Wield a guard shoto starblade in combat.
Please Spear Me: Wield a spear starblade in combat.
Unhand Me: Grab your opponent's starblade source in combat.
Survivor: Win a wraith or fallen star round of at least five people as a human.
Lone Survivor: Win by being the last man standing in a wraith or fallen star round of at least five people.
Invincible: Win by being the last man standing in a wraith or fallen star round of at least ten people.
Super Hero: Win a hero round of at least five people as the hero.
Hard Target: Participate in a night of combat without dying.
Tickle Torturer: Defeat an opponent by causing them to laugh and drop their guard.
I Do Best in Crowds: Win a round facing five opponents alone.
A Good Day: Win a round facing ten opponents alone.
White Knight Status: Win a round facing fifteen opponents alone.


Armor Up: Wear a piece of armor in combat.
Blacksmith: Repair a piece of metal armor.
Master Blacksmith: Build a piece of metal armor.
Starsmith: Repair a starblade.
Master Starsmith: Build a starblade.
The Babe with the Power: Repair the electronics of a starblade.
Seamstress: Make a piece of clothing for yourself.
Clothing the Emperor: Make a piece of clothing for another member.

The Order:

There are Too Many of Them...: Achieve the rank of squire.
Only in Your Mind...: Achieve the rank of apprentice.
Yes Master: Be apprenticed to someone.
Dub Step: Achieve the rank of knight.
I Take it Upon Myself: Take on an apprentice.
Mix the Flour and Water: Achieve the rank of chief.
Your Journey Has Only Begun: Achieve the rank of Lord or Lady.

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