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 Mark's Group

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PostSubject: Mark's Group   Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:46 pm

In the interest of being open and transparent with the group, I wanted to let you know about Mark's Jedi group. He contacted me today and said that Albuquerque Jedi is excelling and growing far bigger and faster than he ever expected. In the past people have expressed a displeasure over the Order of the Wolf not being Jedi but they put up with it because they wanted to fight. If any of you would prefer to be in an actual Jedi group instead of the Order of the Wolf, there is now such a group available to you. I only ask, as I have in the past, that you choose one or the other, but I'm letting you know about this opportunity so you can choose to be in the group that best suits you and gives you what you want. If you are interested in the Albuquerque Jedi I can help you get in touch with them.
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Mark's Group
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